Valentine’s Day: The True Meaning 4/5 (1)

Every year as soon as February starts every single person in the dating wheel and all the people from ‘Singleville’ worry about one thing, ‘’s ’. Single people wonder which chocolate they can lean on, and couples wonder what their special should be like; preferably less hard on the pocket, especially after the 2018 budget in India.

The Reality

In reality, not many of us care what ’s is actually about. Instead, we think of who it’s going to be about. The history of ’s stems back to the Era of . and some extent, the Roman empire. Some legends believe that . gave gifts to his entire village because he believed that he must everything made by God. Of course, there are many other legends, but I found this the most inspiring.

All these made me believe that Valentine’s is about universal humanity. In every religion across the world, In all of God’s creatures, man is considered to be the most superior, the most important. So maybe Valentine’s should be about loving everyone around you, socialising and helping our community in whatever way possible.


This Valentine’s day maybe you can go ahead, buy flowers from that little boy or girl on the road and give them to the neighbour that you know for a fact is lonely, or go back to school or college and give it to your favourite teacher. Buy your favourite food and give it to the families living on the streets. Oh, there are endless possibilities! That feeling you would have after any of this will be that of complete satisfaction and happiness. Much more than the joy you could achieve with your partner or your chocolate.


Although we celebrate Valentine’s day as a special day for our life partners, it is a day for sharing the with everyone.
Well, now I sincerely hope everyone can do justice to this historically significant day in the right manner. And, wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!!

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