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With technological advancements reaching its peak, the need for better marketing strategies arises. Gone are the days of the so called boring advertisement breaks and the old ways of marketing products and services. Hence, listed below are social media marketing trends that will definitely make it into 2018.

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1. “Let me Google it!”

Topics ranging from How to cook Tandoori Chicken to What to wear on a first date, your smartphone has an answer to it all. The concept of MICRO MOMENTS is responsible for this shift in people using their phones. Micro moments are based off the expectation of customers to be catered to their needs at any given location or time. This dependence of the consumer with a brand is ideally known as Micro Moment and is surely a trend we’ll see more of in 2018.

2. “Oh my god! Did you check her YouTube channel”

With almost everyone on social media, ads in the form of videos have proven to create the most impact. The numerous kitten videos are proof that VISUALIZATION is more important than ever! Videography is the future. People tend to believe what they see, part of the reason why this trend is here to stay.

3. ” How did my Laptop know I needed a bag?”

NATIVE ADS are one of the most sought after trends to be seen in 2018. In simple terms, blending in the advertisement so cleverly that the user doesn’t seem to notice its an ad. Most users find interrupting ads frustrating and irrelevant. Native ads solve the problem of irrelevance without interrupting all in one go.

4. “What if ads were designed differently for each person?”

The Customer-Centric Personalized content does just that. It allows the user to drift away from traditional static content for all users to dynamically different content for a regular user and a new one.Research says that you are 66% more likely to buy products from a brand that caters to your specific needs and customizations.

5. “Oh! They’ve totally paid her to promote their brand”

Raise a team of Influencers. It is no news that word of mouth is the best form of publicity! Brands nowadays therefore send out their samples to local influencers and bloggers who have a bigger reach to the audience. This is one of the moat strategic moves made my companies in decoding which are the right influencers to enhance their brand value.

6. “I love your writing”

Content writers , although underrated play the most effective part in shaping opinions. From newspaper articles to blog-posts, they literally do it all. Thus investments in good content writers prove as an advantageous move for brands. The game plan is to retain existing customers while still managing to gain a few new ones.

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