BOOM SUPERSONIC: Get ready for the supersonic flying experience at low costs

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The story of this incredible journey of researching on this topic started when Blake Scholl, the CEO of BOOM SUPERSONIC was waiting to pick his girlfriend at Seattle airport and got into wondering.

‘What if the commercial supersonic flying came back to life?’

Smearing off this from his mind thinking if this was just infatuation, just like any entrepreneur would think, he thought why not give it a shot! It was difficult but wasn’t impossible to think, work and grind on the plan. And now after doing so the BOOM team have come up with ‘Baby Boom’. In fact, its the first prototype of the aircraft which is scheduled to perform in 2018 and go public with its first ever commercial flight in 2023.

What is the backbone of this supersonic project?

After the evolution of Jetliners in the airline industry for over 50 years, the knowledge and innovation in the aerodynamics and engine manufacturing with the various option of fabrication of parts in carbon-fiber composites accounting to considerable cut off in weight of the plane, the engine can be more fuel efficient.

Improved engine designs and modifications help reduce the noise production of the engine compared to the Concordes’ engine by around thirty times. As a matter of fact, the maximum attainable speed of this aircraft being Mach 2.2 broke the previous commercial aircraft’s record of Mach 1.5. The most used route in the commercial aviation industry viz New York to London is going to be an unbelievable time of 3.15 hours.

As of now a normal flight for the same distance would take up to 6 to 7 hours.

What are the sales?

As the company revealed at the 2017 Paris show, the sales forecast put together by Boyd Group is going to be 1300 air crafts by the next decade. Currently, the sales have already hit 76 aircraft deals made by undisclosed corporate airliners.

How would this blow a lay mans’ mind?

According to Scholl, it is going to be fascinating to see a normal person watching the curvature of the earth from an altitude of 60,000 feet!

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