Social Stigmas and Taboos that Should be Discarded 4.9/5 (10)

What are Taboos?

Taboos are the biggest evil that exists in a society. Taboos are social or religious beliefs that prohibit a person to engage in an activities that are unacceptable according to the tradition or custom. This is often the root cause of intolerance and an uncivil mob-mentality. India celebrates rich diversity. The country thrives with intellects, artists, leaders and achievers. Technology is at everyone’s fingertips. However, taboos continue threaten the sensibility of humanity.

Taboos existing in India

  • Mensuration:

The society considers menstrual periods as impure. Women are ill-treated and confined to the ‘four walls’ of their room. Many religious places prohibit their entry. Furthermore, the presence of a woman undergoing her monthly period “defiles food” and is therefore, shunned and locked away.

  • Sex before marriage:

Indian tradition strongly discourages the practice of sex before marriage. A person having sex before marriage threatens to discard their integrity and sanctity. Sexual intercourse outside the bounds of marriage is indecent, impure and vulgar. Families often label them as a disgrace to the society.

  • LGBTQ youth:

People celebrate Transgenders in a place like India where diversity thrives the most. Traditions and customs also elevate and glorify them. Families invite them to bless newly- married couples and new-born babies. However, they still face discrimination, they are harassed, bullied and often harmed physically. The society frowns upon individuals who support human rights irrespective of gender, race and caste. Transgenders are often questioned about their choices, they are brutally cursed, hated and bullied for no reason.

  • Intercaste Marriage:

Love overlooks caste, religion and gender. Societies and religious communities in India is strongly disapprove of inter-caste marriages. Families resort to honour killing and disown members who exercise their own will, when it comes to choosing a partner.

  • Alcohol consumption:

Anyone who consumes alcohol is considered to be a ‘druggy’. Consequently, alcohol is a bad influence on the society because it is “indecent” for women to consume alcohol in public. The society conveniently associates attributes like purity and chastity to a women to discourage the consumption of alchohol.

The need to progress

The society needs to discard age-old stigmas and step up. The family performs Pooja to celebrate the beginning of womanhood when a girl attains her first period . However, religious practices consider the menstrual cycle as an impure disgrace. In the case of arranged marriages in the Indian scenario, it is completely acceptable to marry and have sex with someone you hardly know. The very same act is unethical and unacceptable when two individuals fall in love outside their communities. The society prohibits individuals who choose to love by defying the norms of religion, gender and caste. Everyone must have the freedom to choose. Innocent lives are at steak when the society brands them as criminals.

Summing up

“If you grow, I grow.”

In conclusion, we need to help each other overcome these taboos and respect everyone for their choices. For everyone can’t be the same. India is country that accepts diversity. Let us accept differences and build a country where everyone has the freedom to choose, love and live happily.

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