When Donald Trump, on one hand, is keeping the IT industry with its enormous employee base guessing on the outcome of the H-1B visa rules, the youth of India has taken up the initiative to become job creators rather than being part of an indifferent herd of followers. If the youth’s exuberance was the drug, its prescription was prepared by our Union Human Resource Development Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar, and as a result of it, we experienced something extremely innovative. Smart India challenge has been futile in motivating students.

Smart India , a 36-hour non-stop digital product development competition had twenty-nine ministries which identified 598 problem statements for digital yet sustainable innovative solutions. The participating teams simultaneously competed from across 26 nodal locations in India. Shortlisted from 42,000 students (of 7,000 teams) of 2,183 engineering and management colleges and universities from across India, 1,266 teams worked nonstop for 36 hours to build products based on their ideas across 26 locations in India during the grand finale of Smart India on April 1 and 2.

With the magnanimity of the event being very much evident now, it would be unfair not to congratulate Team , which eventually won the first place in the Smart India contest in New Delhi held at the . Working on a program for the Ministry of External Affairs, the team brilliantly executed its plans and was awarded a cash prize of Rs1 lakh, medals and a certificate at a ceremony where NASSCOM President R Chandrasekhar was the chief guest. 

The problem statement was given by

Chemicals by their very nature have toxicity/safety aspects. Besides, there are a large number of dual-use chemicals. The same, coupled with the fast pace of technological innovations, calls for regular skill development/up gradation. But there are challenges in the mobilization of youth for skill training and in job placement of skilled manpower, particularly in view of low payments by private industries. Non- availability of a database of trained person limits role of training provider in improving placements and facilitating better job opportunities and salary etc.

Solution Developed

The team was able to design and develop a solution (in 36 Hours) which the department can incorporate and it will be having the following features.

  1. Online videos to give a feel of the industrial working environment
  2. Skill sets required to perform the jobs
  3. Online forum where students can post their queries and receive answers and suggestions from experts
  4. Provision of webcast for live interaction and training
  5. Updates of new technological innovations, industrial fair and job fair in the field of Chemical and Petrochemicals.

This solution will be implemented in the  centrally.

was led by the Chief Technology Officer of , Utpal Sarmah along with two former trainee-interns of , Jimli Borah, Khamchand Saha, Manami Borah, Rhea Singh, , and Nishant Kumar Choudhury. The participating students were from , Azara. is a Guwahati-based full stack web development company that has been spearheading active participation in such initiatives and has made the region proud. The versatility of its domain lies in the fact that it has a number of simultaneously operating services like Web applications, E- commerce, mobile applications, Web design, each one being efficiently maintained to provide a comfortable experience for the user. (Link- and Facebook page

Dr. Naveen Kumar Chaudhary, Director of Center for and Information Technology, Ministry of External Affairs, was impressed and had a session with the team’s mentor Utpal Sarmah to discuss the department’s adoption of the product. The event’s biggest highlight was how the youth responded with unending vigor and the HRD minister appreciated this venture, encouraging the scientific outlook and reasoning employed by the youth. The success of the event encourages large-scale adoption of digital techniques and promises a bright future for our country.

CREATE, INNOVATE, INSPIRE – Yes, was a complete package!!!

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