Simple Habits to Boost Health

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There have been instances where we hear people complain about how they are unable to maintain a because of their busy schedules. But do we really need free time to maintain a ? Not exactly. We can be healthy by just altering our day to a bit. Of course, it cannot be done in a single day and would take practice and regularity. But in the end its all beneficial. There might also be some amazingly simple ones that you might not be aware of yet.

A Balanced :

A balanced requires us to consume all the necessary nutrients and in the right proportion. It won’t do to eat a lot of healthy just because its healthy. For this one can try using small plates. What about the craving for the good old junk ? Well, cheat days are in fashion these days, aren’t they? But of course, if you wish to be loyal to yourself, rainbow colored definitely helps. And I don’t mean the coloring. Varied colored vegetables and fruits would work. For example, include the red or yellow capsicum in your or the purple cabbage. Another mistake most people make is eating when they crave for it or are bored. That is definitely a No-No. an alternative to this can be to eat frequently in small amounts.

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Healthy 2

Being Active:

Just by monitoring one’s eating habits, one cannot be healthy. In this corporate world, most people have office jobs where they are required to sit at one place for long hours. However, one must keep active under these conditions too. Possibly a short walk from time to time or using the stairs instead of the escalator. This along with a healthy amount of exercise at home in the morning or evening. A late night walk after dinner can help the digestive system and is said to allow a sound sleep.

Sleep Tight:

Yes, you read right. And its not a beauty sleep. No. an average adult requires a minimum of seven hours. This helps to keep the appetite under control and the mind sharp. Your mind needs as much rest as your body does. Also there should be a consistency in the time slept. A regular sleep pattern helps maintain the balance in the body. This is that one habit which is least credited, especially in times like now when the level of stress is so high, it keeps people working till the late hours at night. This is not at all healthy.

Stress Management:

The world is moving ahead so fast that in order to keep up we get stressed out. Actually, stress is a routine in everyday life. However, excess stress can be harmful to your . So, it would be safe to take up some stress-relieving activities at least once a week, like yoga or meditation. Too boring? Spending time with family and friends can help too. In fact, it is really important to maintain good terms with the people around you or kin and relatives. Spending time with them is a natural stress-buster too.

Laugh Out Loud:

Laughter is the best medicine. This long forgotten saying is true at all times. Its just us who don’t take it seriously anymore. Ever seen a group of oldies at a nearby park, having laughing exercise? Its their way of relieving stress and being healthy. Scientifically proven, laughter is said to improve the immunity system, burn calories, reduce pain, improve mental and the quality of life. Thus, increase your daily dosage of humor in life if you wish to live a long and healthy life!

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