Pinjra Tod : Is locking women inside hostels a good step to protect women?

Anyone can be angry! With things happening in our country, all of us expect a second strong step against the issues we are facing. As of now, India, referred as ‘Bharat Mata’, is facing more problems, unable to protect her own girl children. While most of the people wanted were ‘safety for women’, the students of Delhi University, Jamia Millia Islamia, Ambedkar University, National Law University and Jawaharlal Nehru University noticed the steps taken to make women safer.

Is locking women inside hostels a good step to protect women? Now, what about a Woman’s personal freedom?

A Proper Safety Measure

While this brilliant safety measure is wholeheartedly accepted and implemented all across the nation, we can’t think about hostels with these rules on, ever. Hostels are already a place where students are arrested without a warrant. Now, that’s for your safety. Listen!

When it comes to Delhi, doubtless and apparent is the crime rate and most of the troubles related to women safety. From the Nirbhaya case to the recent 58-year-old business raped a college student case, there has been a chain of nonsense happening in the place and the only solution people could come up with was locking women inside their homes/hostels. Here rises this effort to move against the problem, protecting the last sip of women freedom.

Pinjra Tod – The Collective Effort

PinjraTod is an autonomous collective effort to ensure secure, non-gender-discriminatory accommodation for women students across Delhi. PinjraTod specifically ensures freedom of women in hostels. The steps these students have taken seem to be bold and rising. All the signature campaigns, online petitions, and meetings that are organized by them highlight the movement’s strength. They had adopted all types of tactics possible; from spray-paint messages to ruling the social media. The major motive of this movement is about the unnecessary restrictions posed on women, the moral policing in the name of concern and proper implementation of related laws. Why is the ultimate solution for every problem regarding women building a cage and not fighting against the issue?

Then pops out this correlated problem – hostel fee. The hostel fee for men is relatively less when compared to that of the women’s. Now that’s amazing! What’s the extra money for? Probably for the women safety the hostels offer. Here women safety means curfew. How does that make logic? No idea! In a pool of issues that young women face, this is something to be noticed.

The Major Initiative

As a major step of the Pinjra Tod movement, the Pinjra Tod team took the initiative of writing a letter to the Chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women stating all their issues. After facing enough problems, PinjraTod is still on with more power to address some major issues. Being the capital of the Nation, Delhi badly needed a movement like this and the right requests are to be considered.

Instead of building cages, set women free to reach heights. It is not so fair and too basic to bring in plans that benefit the citizens, cage women and worry about the statistics that say the participation of women in this particular plan is comparatively low. Make the right choice!

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