Never Want to Remember, Never Want to Forget- The Power of Memories 4.5/5 (10)

The Art.

There is a subtle and unwavering cruelty in allowing yourself to indulge in the art of forgetting memories but holding on to a part of it. The willingness to eliminate the bad memories is unbeatable. Rather, it is completely impossible. Memories are what we dread and crave. How is it that something so natural turn out to be completely destructive and yet so divine? People function differently and every individual is unique. That is how we understand and accept the fact that our perspective towards life will differ. There is fear. For some, the calm after the storm is the endpoint. On the contrary, it might just be the calm before another storm for some others.

Your call

Being blindly optimistic is like ignoring reality. We all know that there are times when memories can get really ugly. It can drastically affect one’s social life and family. During such sensitive times; we break away from our real self or distance ourselves from the crowd. This causes chaos because your emotional vitals start to fluctuate. Bad memories are brutal but the most honest flashbacks you will ever experience. Your decision is yours to make, your life is yours to shape. Would you forget all about it and give up a learned lesson? Would you let it hinder your present self? Or would you tame yourself to leave the door open when needed and to bang it shut when needed?

Good memories are like our safe haven. They make you feel alive even during times of despair. However, they could be painful too because seasons change. Reminisce your days, reminisce your smiles.


Memories are still pretty fresh. At the age of 3, you learned how to walk. At 7, your parents got into a fight. When you turned 10, you had your first crush or you got picked on, that may or may not have left traces of insecurity. By 13, everything was perfect. When you were 14, it all fell apart. You broke a heart or you were touched incorrectly at the age of 16. When you completed 18 years, you prioritized your career. By 21, your parents split or you emancipated from your parents. You decided to settle down at the age of 27. Turning 30, you realized that stability was not working out or you were happily married. At the prime age of 33, your child saw a hand being raised on you or you saw a child being abused. When you touched 45, you either got out of jail or you won an award. At 59, you were diagnosed with some terminal illness or you attended an old friend’s funeral. When you reached 78, you realized that you were shaped by your experiences.


We experience the good and the bad. The good memories help us stay alive and the bad reminds us of how we managed to not succumb to the harsh reality. Nobody has the same story to tell and that is why we all are extremely talented at storytelling. Some memories are incomplete whereas, some haven’t even started. You either let the travesties abandon you forever or you let it grow on you. Or just maybe, you forget but you still manage to remember. That is how you learn that memories are your past, present and your future.

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