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Aarushi Talvar Murder Case. The name that has been making an appearance time and again for the past 9 years. In fact, such is the suspense surrounding this case, that Bollywood has already made a movie about it. Because, obviously, in India more people would watch the movie than read or watch the news. The most recent development in this case is the release of Rajesh and Nupur Talvar, accused parents of the victim.

On November 26, 2013, the Talvars had been given life sentence by CBI court. However, it was not based on solid evidence and that allowed the Allahabad High Court to set them free after 4 years on 11th October, 2017. Now let’s not forget it is a case of double murder. Along with daughter Aarushi, the Talvars had also been blamed for the murder of help, Hemraj, whose body was found on the terrace of the Talvar’s residence. Setting the accused free, judges B.K. Narayana and A.K. Mishra said that since the CBI has not provided the court with evidences that would prove beyond doubt that they were guilty, the parents cannot be held guilty. The Allahabad High Court has allowed them the benefit of doubt. In a nail-biting suspense, as the onlookers wait in a tense silence, the case unfolds itself, yet again.

Murder 2
Murder 2

Suspected Theories:

It is believed that Nupur Talvar and her maid, Bharati spoke across a passage between the two doors, during which, the maid asked for the keys to let herself in. Nupur threw the keys down from the balcony, using which the maid then entered the house. The question is whether the outer gate was latched or not which could hint at someone else entering the flat. The CBI had decided that out of the four inhabitants of the house, two were murdered, so the other two have to be the killers. What they did not take into account is other possibilities. Couldn’t an outsider enter the flat? Couldn’t it be Hemraj himself who committed the crime but was attacked himself by someone else? A novice to this, we can only guess what could have happened.

As the case and a search for evidence continues, at least the Talvar parents are set free. The idea of parents murdering their own daughter is considered horrific by the same nation which keeps honour killing in high regard. Though not impossible, it does seem inevitable. But finally after four years in the prison, they are free to prove their innocence. As an outsider, we can only guess how they must be feeling about the whole ordeal. As for our part, we can keep our eyes on the news and hope that Aarushi gets the justice she deserves although ‘No One Killed Aarushi?’ has become the latest tag-line.

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