Modi Government Silent on Corruption Allegations 4.8/5 (5)

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India has experienced several instances where political parties engage in mudslinging to expose the treacherous scandals that aim to smear the professional reputation of its opponents. The NDA backed ruling party BJP has faced a number of allegations exposed by the Congress Party since the genesis of its regime, with either side being unable to curb the occurrence of scams within the government. The inability of the political parties to take necessary action to prevent instances of within the system attempts to jeopardize the integrity of the governing body itself. While major alleged scams listed by the Congress and AAP against the ruling party not only tarnishes the image of BJP but also aims to expose the inability to implement transparency in the governing system.

Panamagate Graft Scandal

On the 28th of July, the AAP accused the of attempting to mask instances of allegations caused by the leaked Panama papers. The documents that contained confidential details of over 2.15 lakh bank accounts were apparently leaked from the headquarters of a law firm, Mossack Fonseca, located at Panama. This occurrence suggested the involvement of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif,whose name was revealed in the scandal and was disqualified by Supreme Court, forcing him to quit. The AAP party leader, Ashutosh revealed that several prominent individuals allegedly close to the ruling party have been mentioned in the papers. He criticizes the Centre’s inability to take necessary steps to curb the scandal.His attempts to expose the reality of the scandal demanded a probe to reprimand the guilty.

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Silencing Whistle-blowers- A Conspiracy

The continued suppression that silenced whistle-blowers and Anti- activists were addressed by Roy. The situation, she explained called for a greater magnitude of accountability in public institutions and political bodies. As stated under the Right to Information Act. The Central Information Commission had allegedly issued a statement that demanded all 6 national political parties to submit their detailed financial accounts under the RTI Act. The refusal to submit the records till date remains a questionable situation that demands probe under the purview of the Act. Bharadwaj pointed out the weakening of the established anti- laws in how the Lokpal Bill was enacted on the 1st of January 2014 but still hasnt been implemented. She addressed the protection not being operationalized on Whistleblower’s Act, where several anti- activists were brutally attacked in Hyderabad and several killed, trying to question and expose the Vyapam recruitment scandal in Madhya Pradesh.


1500-Crore scam under Rashtriya Swachhta Mission

The Congress Leader attempted to put an end to the continued silence of PM Narendra Modi and CM Amit Shah on the alleged 1500-crore scam under the Rashtriya Swachhta Mission towards the construction of toilets in the state. On the 16th of August 2017, the Congress questioned the BJP Leadership in Madhya Pradesh that has a striking record of scams. The alleged charges of “corruption and deteriorating law and order” against the CM Amit Shah questioned the Prime Minister’s commitments against the act of corruption. Yadav pointed out the political pressure that forced to suppress FIRs filed by the state Lokayukta against 18 ministers on various graft scandals in Madhya Pradesh. The continued instances of plantation scams have cost the lives of several malnourished children over the last 12 years.


Hypocrisy Exposed

The Congress demanded an explanation from the ruling party on its lack of action to curb instances of corruption within the system. The accusation was instigated by the “hypocrisy” of the in fighting against corruption. This allegedly weakened the existing anti-corruption laws that were implemented in the UPA regime. Abhishek Singhvi, the party representative exposed the Centre’s inability to take action against the BJP leaders in the states who are involved in major scams. Singhvi attempted to question the system and pointed out the “hollow statements” made by the governing body to curb corruption. He urged the Centre to refrain from protecting the corrupt. The Center, he explained has a disturbing track record of weakening the anti-corruption legislations that are already in place. Singhvi stated that the Prevention of Corruption Act has been weakened to facilitate the easy prosecution of a bribe giver. Whereas, there’s an extremely complex procedure to prosecute the bribe taker. The uncovering of alleged scams such as the Vyapam, GPSC, LalitModi, and Paddy scams, involving the BJP attempts to question the lack of action and integrity of the ruling party.



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