Suicide and Mice as food only way out for farmers

Protest for 60 plus days.

Modiji, Jantar Mantar aaoji is what rings on the grounds of Jantar Mantar at Delhi, farmers are on verge of suicide. The farmers are adamant on meeting the Prime Minister and have been staging innovative acts to grab the attention of Narendra Modi.

Tamil Nadu was hit by severe drought last year, both the Southwest monsoon in July and the Northwest monsoon in October failed the farmers with scanty rainfall. According to the All Tamil Nadu Farmers Association, there have been 254 farmer suicides since October. India in the past 22 years has witnessed 3,10,000 farmer suicides. While the National television news channels are busy covering the daily routine of ministers or debating every day on the same topic, little attention has come towards the farmers of Tamil Nadu who continue to protest at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar.

In order to highlight their sufferings and deteriorating plight, the farmers are using unconventional methods to grab the attention of the government. From wearing skulls, putting mice in their mouth as food or conducting mock funerals to eating dal and rice from off the road, the farmers even staged a man dressed as PM Narendra Modi flogging them with a whip. On April 17, the farmers stripped naked outside Rashtrapati Bhavan’s South block when they were denied meeting PM Modi. The protesting farmers shouted slogans, among which three of them rolled on the hot burning Delhi roads, chanting the name of ‘Shiva’.

Bank Loan and Suicide, Krisi Kalyan cess no good for farmers

Though their desperate acts have been innovative enough to grab eyeballs, the protests have gained not much. The demands of the farmers remain that the loans taken from the Nationalized banks be waived off and relief packages be given from the center. With heat in the capital increase on a high rate, the question remains that how long will the farmers be able to continue their protest and further, many more deaths will it take for action to be taken?

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