A Look Into The 3rd Independence Day Of Modi Dynasty 4.5/5 (2)

Narendra Damodar Modi, the famous orator, chiefly gets highlighted for his out of the way promises and a willingness to keep it. As an example, always the growth of Gujrat has come to his aid. However, when it comes to the whole of India, even for a gigantic figure like Modi, it’s quite impossible to deliver upon all the promises once made. It is said that in three independence day speeches from 2014 to 2016, he was able to keep only three claims properly, with five claims somewhat kept. Let us objectively dissect the situation and see through the five main claims:


1. One Rank, One Pension policy for soldiers.

Verdict: Kept. However, final installment is not paid and there’s still a lot of mending that the policy demands.

In November 2015, Government declared the One Rank, One Pension policy where for the soldiers of the same rank and same length of service an amount was fixed as pension for their future enhancement. However, after the first installment was issued, there was no puff of news for the second which is due in August 2017.


2.Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

Verdict: Kept. 228 million bank accounts opened through 24% has absolutely no money.

It is seen as a very positive step indeed. 40% of the population didn’t have access to the formalities of the bank for many years before Modi took the initiative and as of on 3rd August 2016, there’s seen an increase of 31% in opening the bank accounts and 85% increase in balance over the span of a year.


3. Grameen Vidyutikaran initiative which claimed to bring electricity in villages within the period of 1000 days

Verdict: Partly kept.

Of 18000 villages 76% were electrified within the 750 days. But according to data in power ministry’s GARV board “every household in 8% or 1145 villages had an electricity connection”, so most villages cannot be seen as electrified.


4.Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan, claim of 100% separate toilets for boys and girls in school

Verdict: Not kept


Forgetting separate toilets for once, the scheme wasn’t able to provide plain toilets in school ranging from urban Delhi to remote areas. Where toilets existed, there lacked proper maintenance, lack of water, and lack of hygiene, which made them completely useless after a few uses.


5. The agricultural budget increased by 44%, several rural programmes launched.

Verdict: promise kept. 5% of farmers control 32% of India’s farmland, according to IndiaSpend. The agricultural budget rose to 44%.


Though the land that can be farmed has declined the budget rose a rapid 44% under the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. As IndiaSpend reported a farmer’s income rose 5% per year, over a decade(2003-2013)



There has been several other schemes and outcomes like the social security programme for which 127 million people enrolled, giving up of LPG subsidy and getting 1.76 million women free gas connections etc. To sum it up, we can say each promise has taken its time but strived at the fullest to make it possible. On his 3rd independence day, Modi has been pretty successful than any of his predecessors.



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