Long Distance Relationships – Probably the Most Powerful of All!


We all have at least one person that may be close to our heart but very far in reality; this does not lessen our love for that person. In life, one must love oneself. Sometimes to do that a person might have to go to another place to find themselves, for their career, or for some other reason. This does not mean they stop loving the people they had to move away from or that they have ‘left the people behind.’ In fact, in my opinion, that relationship may be much more realistic and important than any other. The people away from that person always have a place in her or his life if they choose to stay in contact with them. It’s merely a matter of how strong a relationship is.

Bottom Line

In reality, there are many different kinds of relationships, and each one defines who we are. Long distance relationships are not everyone’s choice, and not everyone can maintain them. It all depends on the person. The world is vast but everyone perceives it differently, to some it may be too small, to some it may be too big, and relationships are very similar to this concept. Everyone defines it differently; each one is different from another.

What Matters The Most

Ideally, Long Distance Relationships are as tricky as other relationships because each relationship needs time and effort. It depends on how much the relationship matters to one because forming relationships is always easier than maintaining them.


There are many kinds of these relationships, each for different reasons. For example,  students move away from their parents to get a better education; this doesn’t mean they cannot stay in contact with each other. Throughout the decades, technology and innovation have made communication so much easier.

Then there are relationships of families, those of lovers, sometimes even married couples stay away from each other due to their jobs. I believe long distance relationships can be both, easy and challenging, it all depends on the people maintaining it.

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