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As soon as the plane touches the ground and the seat belt sign goes off we all hurry to get out of the plane. If not you I bet majority of those around you do so. This haste must have once cost you to leave something of yours on the plane. Even if that has not happened yet is there any reason not to prepare for the worse?

So here are some simple tips to avoid leaving something on the plane as well as how to retrieve those items.

Tips to avoid leaving things.

Travel light:

Follow the golden rule of traveling i.e. do not carry unnecessary things. This helps you to keep count of what you are carrying. If this does not seem possible in any situation then send most of valuable items to the cargo.

Use labels:

Type out your name, address and contact number on a sheet and paste it on your valuable items. Maybe someone would want to return your valuables. You never know, you might get lucky.

Never use seat pockets:

Avoid using the back seat pockets at any cost. This is the place where most of the items are left behind. Think of these seat pockets as a bin, which they are in reality. Also do not consider planes as your home where you can keep anything lying around.

Check before you leave:

Cancel out those noises and rude people wanting to get out of the plane. Now stop and check each and every inch of your seat as well as the back seat pocket before you get down the plane.

Tips to retrieve lost items:

If at the airport

Go back to the arrival gate:

If you’re still at the airport when you realize you left something behind then don’t hesitate to rush back to the arrival gate. It is possible that the cleaning staff is still aboard. Explain the situation to the gate agent and they’ll help you.

Go to baggage claim office:

If the plane has already left then go to the baggage claim office. Usually a form has to be filled for the missing baggage.

If not at the airport

Head back to the airport:

This might sound like a nuisance but this is much more effective than calling or leaving a mail with the airlines. Head back to the airport and reach their helpdesk; most probably they will ask to fill out the lost and found form.

Contact the airlines:

Once you have filled out the form make sure you tweet your problem to the airlines along with dropping a mail. Keeping inquiring about your baggage.

Track your devices:

If you have lost any of your devices, then try tracking them. If it’s something other than your devices then you can always opt for lost item tracking apps like TrackR, Tile, Chipolo, StickNFind, BluTracker, Lupo and Linquet.

Prevention is better than cure. So make sure you do not leave anything on a plane and even if you do; don’t lose your presence of mind. Most importantly don’t lose hope to retrieve your lost item and keep trying to get it back.

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