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Traveling in itself is an enriching experience that enables an individual to discover diverse cultures. Backpacking across countries is the latest travel-fad. The positive impacts of globalization and the urge to break free from cultural and economic barriers have hence, encouraged several travellers to identify backpacking as a desired way of living.

Backpacking has positively emerged as a business and lifestyle for individuals. Consequently, this has led to the introduction of low budget airlines and cheap accommodation across the world. Also, emerging trends and attractions have proven to cater to the requirements of first-time backpackers to enhance the travel experiences of individuals.

Considering important aspects of the budget and natural serenity coupled with rich culture, the following destinations are ideal for first-time backpackers.

Backpacking to Indonesia

Indonesia is quite literally is the gem of South-east Asia. It enables individuals to discover a new culture in the most rustic and inexpensive way. Popular tourist sites include Bali and Kuta, which are blessed with prominent attractions of adventure, exploration, and entertainment. In addition to that, the picturesque land offers affordable accommodation and transportation to easily commute and embrace the culture first- hand.

Furthermore, cheap eating joints and scenic beauty are major attractions.

Backpacking to India

The country is most favoured for backpacking as it offers diversity in terms of landscape, culture, people, and obviously, food. The place caters to the budget requirements of first- time travellers. It provides a plethora of attractive destinations, in addition to prominent historical locations that are both educational and enriching.

Known for its bright colours, aesthetic appeal, and mouth-watering delicacies, every state aims to provide an overwhelming experience for backpackers.

Backpacking to Thailand

Thailand has the perfect combination of shopping complexes and beaches. Consequently, it invites a lot of people to have an incredible experience.

The place is considered to be the ultimate destination among tourists. Moreover, backpackers who wish to enjoy the serene, beautiful land can easily afford this.

Backpacking to Nepal

Nepal is known for its rich landscape and the majestic Himalayas. As a matter of fact, the country houses 8 of the tallest mountains. The land is a promising treatment for backpackers hungry for adventure and meditation. It is the desired location for hiking and trekking.

This destination offers a variety of mystical temples and fascinating landmarks. The place provides accommodation and food at reasonable rates.

Backpacking to Cambodia

The aesthetic appeal and rustic beauty of the land are what attracts travellers to Cambodia. Filled with rich cultures, the land houses ancient treasures worth experiencing.

In addition to that, the breathtaking scenery and mystic temples are a major attraction for backpackers.

Backpacking to Peru

Peru is a cost-effective place to discover. It is home to world-famous rainforests and beaches. The capital, Lima is ideal to start the trip. One can eventually move on to a breathtaking hiking experience up the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

The beach parties and adventure sports are sure to provide travellers with an unpredictable and enriching experience.

Backpacking to Sri Lanka

The tropical land is definitely a favourable destination for backpacking. The place caters to the budget requirements of a first- time traveller. The local eating joints, transportation, coupled with the cabanas make the destination popular among tourists.

 The prominent locations of the place, however, often demand separate entry fee to distinguish foreigners and natives. Despite this, backpackers with a little planning can ensure a worthwhile experience in this beautiful country.

Backpacking to Malaysia

Malaysia offers a plethora of heritage, culture and a favourable lifestyle for first-time travellers. The land celebrates diverse culture, religion, and food. Known for its affordable and friendly services, the transportation and accommodation sector is most efficient and organized.

One can also extend their stay by visiting the capital Kuala Lumpur. The capital offers the best in terms of commercial development. Besides that, it also offers island, Langkawi, filled with beautiful beaches, adventure sports, affordable resorts and attractive shopping centres.

Backpacking to Taiwan

Taiwan provides a perfect get- away from the bustling city life. The small island is a haven for travellers seeking a relaxed and unhurried vacation. The Taroko Gorge is an important attraction to embrace the beauty of the landscape in all its goodness.

Traveling around is easy as most places are in close proximity to each other. With just 2 hours from Taipei, the place provides easy access and cheap transportation. Taiwan, in particular, is famous for its night markets.

Backpacking to Bhutan

Providing a peaceful and serene atmosphere, Bhutan is a popular destination for backpacking. Bhutan is altogether an ideal spot for exploration and adventure. The friendly locals and mouthwatering food promise an unforgettable experience for backpackers willing to adapt themselves to a new culture. 

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