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The country which globally pitches all the gimmicks now faces a serious issue. The issue might seem frivolous if revealed. is burdened by the cost of . The large population of citizens within the country has increased prices in many fields. What comes along with it is a baggage of problems: higher medical bills, vulnerability to diseases. It also seeks a more efficient medical setup, hence needs more intensive care units. 

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A recent study showed that the number of age-old, 85 and older will triple by 2050. This data is important because these are people require costly care and hence the problems start. The government is too busy driving out infiltrators by making strict visa rules. Consequently, some of its domestic measures are getting contaminated. The Trump government made a huge mistake by banning the Obama policy.

The cost of American citizens is already over $3 trillion per year, and excluding roughly $450 billion provided by non-paid blood members. Paid caregivers earn just $18-20 thousand per year. While shortfall of their services will increase twice by 202 . Proportionate wage hikes are not expected.



 The negligence towards is also shown by the fact that doctors and scientists run behind vaccines against tuberculosis or cholera. Whereas chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart problems mostly affect older patients. The age factor complicates most of these cases. This shows that the American government does not care about the of their old citizens.

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It is just like a game of tennis. Here, the player, in trying to serve an ace consequently ends up conceding points due to a double fault. To shutoff chronic diseases first, it is important to revamp the medical system. Enhancement of security measures is necessary to keep the booming population in check.

The hike in wages and average salary has been one area where the Republican government has progressed. On examining the condition, however, we find that the medical bills have shown a great increase as well. The greater emphasis on health makes people prefer staying indoors. They actually prefer seeking caregivers like nannies rather than walking to the nearby pharmacy. This has also caused a decrease in prescription drug costs. The belief normally associated with treatment has faded and its tough to reinstate the same.


 In such a situation, integrated life and care models should be advertised. This increases alertness on the part of the public. The research should be mainly on the need to cure chronic diseases. Suitable measures to help the patient outside the walls of the doctor’s chamber are a must. As a community, adopting routines becomes easier. It can extend to accessing medical records to study the nature of treatment. This ensures better understanding and providing remedies.

Mortality remains a haunting truth. Once in a while, every human feels scared of this. For most people, the wish to be healthy wards off these thoughts. This aids in making life more fulfilling.

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