For the first time in India a bilingual spoken word poetry has been recited by Ankita Shah and Ramneek Singh entitled “Go back to your own country” at antisocial Khar on 8thApril, which aptly explains the difficulties that refugees face living in Kashmir and Syria. The video uploaded by UnErase poetry went viral on social media.


“We live in a pseudo democracy. Where we are not represented by the state, the state is represented by you and me…..we are all one earthquake, one civil cry short of becoming refugees and that speaks a lot about the fault lines under our own democracies. And look at our audacity to say Go back to your own country.”


These are the verses of poem which tells us about the very situation that is faced by the Apello in Syria and Kashmiri pandits in Jammu. These refugees are deprived of their basic human rights, they are accused of taking over jobs opportunities and land which they don’t even belong to, these people are discriminated against and questioned on their identity. The constant change of language makes it even more appealing as it talks about xenophobia which could be towards anyone slightly different from us.


Shah a chartered Accountant by profession was inclined towards writing when she was in college and most of her poems were love poems then, her transition to both spoken word poetry and social issues happened with a poem on honor killing.


Singh a consultant in the digital wing of media content house, was very young when he started writing and was fond of poems. His poems were, back then also concerned the society and carried a sense of rebellion and anger as they still do.


The idea of bilingual poetry:


The idea was to collaborate bilingual was a consequence. Both of their thoughts and responses to socio-political issues are very similar, and so is the form in which they write “free verse”.


“Ramneek has grown up in Jammu and personally experienced things the rest of us only hear in third person over the news. I’m a Nepali, born and bought up in Mumbai. In school, kids never let me forget that I’m a Nepali and so it goes for Ramneek, kids used to tease him by calling paaji or sardarji. What’s happening in Syria and the world farther away from us, affected us because it was the culmination of everyday discrimination that we subject to others.” added Shah.


UnErase poetry is a Mumbai based community that promotes spoken word poetry and gives a platform to young poets who are politically, socially and culturally concerned. Performing poetry adds more emotions to the perspective of the poet and makes it more hard-hitting. Spoken word poetry is an excellent way to reach out the masses.


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