5 Gadgets is a must for you as a frequent Nomadic traveler 5/5 (2)

Travel gadgets: necessities

If you’re always on the move and living a nomadic life, these are the gadgets which are a MUST!

Gadget 1 Portable Power pack:

We all face the issue of our smartphones’ battery running out. After a hectic work day or clicking pictures while on vacation, we find our gadgets drained of power. Equipping yourself with a power pack keeps the work running smoothly and efficiently.

Selection of a power pack can be made with the consideration of parameters such as weight, the number of outlet ports etc.  In addition to that, the capacity of the battery pack is an important factor.

Two such best recommendations can be Anker Astro 3E 10000 mah and MI 10000 mah power bank, both of which feature pocket-sized lightweight uni-body design.

Gadget 2 USB OTG drive:

The convenience of handling data, movies, soft copies was never much simpler till we got introduced to the OTG drive. With the availability of these drives, data transfer has become much simpler than ever and can be done within seconds.

Moreover, one can even load movies and access it with just the connection of the drive to the smartphone and affirm it to user permissions. We recommend the Sandisk USG 3.0 32GB OTG Drive which will not even raise the question of asking ourselves to put our heart ahead of our wallet, credits to its cost.

Gadget 3 A decent pair of headphones:

Music is that aesthetic which helps us in situations of thick and thin. Moreover, it abides by us, soothing the state of our mind. Having said that, it is always useful to invest in a good pair of headphones. Headphones prove to be important gadgets. They instantly erase boredom and can save you from unnecessary conversations.

You don’t have to burn your cash over any high-end piece. Given these points, a good contrast and balance between the bass and treble would work just fine.

Here are some of our picks depending on the type of wear. Sennheiser CX 275 (in the ear) and SONY MDR-XB 450 (over the ear).

Gadget 4 E-readers:

When on a tour, the goal is to make the luggage as light as possible. But, if you are a die-hard reader then carrying books contradicts the same.

E-readers/Tablets can be loaded with whichever choice of the genre you are interested in reading. They can also act as a smartphone battery saver just in case.

Amazon’s Kindle offers the best reading experience taking account of the ophthalmology care.

Gadget 5 DSLR cameras:

One doesn’t have to be a photographer to carry a DSLR/Point and shoot with him/her always. Recollection of memories can give us the same good vibes even after the trip.

If you are an action packed person, GoPro cameras can give the best hands off experience. A standard DSLR with good features can suffice for the trip. Canon EOS 1300D offers crisp images with good depth of field. It is the best for the budget in consideration and doesn’t fit in the mediocre category.

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