In today’s day and age, you’d think that communication is a piece of cake.

Technology has supposedly made it simpler for us. Yet, most of the couples have communication challenges and have gut trust feelings to their partner.

Listed below are things you SHOULD  with your partner before it’s too late!


“What ?! You don’t believe in destiny?”

Do not mistake beliefs with your religion. Religion is something you are born with. Beliefs are the little things like wearing a black t-shirt for all your exams, or always write with that one lucky pen. Belief is when you always put your right feet forward first or the way you look at a shooting star to make a wish. Beliefs are how you believe in Karma, that you’ll be served what you deserve or that fate is a genuine thing after all. Communication on common belief helps to understand and trust each other

Why are these important? Because it is these little things that define you. Your beliefs shape you as a person and it is important for your partner to understand what you believe in.


” Wait, why is she texting you ?”

It is very important to be clear about your ‘ex’ situation with your significant other.
Whether you still talk to them or not. If you occasionally text, just to see if they’re doing good.

It’s all fine until you’re honest about it.


” I don’t like your friends!”

It is said ‘you are the company that you keep’ which is in fact true.

Often, this issue goes by without being addressed. It is very important for individuals to feel accepted around their partner’s friends. Not being introduced raises suspicion and self-doubt.

Therefore, it is a huge deal to introduce your partner to your friend circle.


“What am I to you ?”

Just being honest about where your relationship is headed will keep you from the ‘we need to talk about us’  situations in the future.
If you’re clear, whether or not you see yourselves together in the future why not just discuss it. Communication about future goals improves the intimacy of the relation


“You’re not the same anymore.”

If both partners put in the same effort as they did prior to acknowledging a relationship, half of the problems won’t even arise.
When you don’t feel loved in a relationship, you often tend to let negative thoughts cloud up. That’s when quarrels take place.

Which brings us to


” What If?”

Studies show that over thinking has killed like, about 2596355881 relationships ( I made that up, obviously)
But seriously, Overthinking causes half of the problems that don’t even exist. So just refrain from stressing yourself up.

Apart from all that, just go about living your day to the fullest. Enjoying life as it comes and just stops stressing so much.

If it’s meant to be, it will. Thinking but no communication is like over boiled relation

The key is to talk-it-out and if the other person understands and are open minded, you will know where this relationship is going.

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