Bugs And Ants – No Longer A Problem

Are You Frustrated With Bugs and Ants

Ask anyone infested with these petty, little creatures and see them recount those nightmarish experiences and then you will probably realize the importance of this article. In the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, where sanitation is an important constituent, we need to be aware that driving off mosquitoes, bed bugs and ants is also equally important to remain disease free.

We will straight away launch into certain measures we can take to ward them off from our interiors.
Discard or clean any household objects with signs of bed bug infestation. Set up bed bug traps near the affected areas.

There are some effective bed bug traps you can purchase to aid the process. The purpose of a trap is to prevent bed bugs from climbing up to the bed.

One important step is to clean the household goods that are hosting the bed bugs. If this involves bedding then pick off and kill as many bed bugs as you can then clean the bedding in hot water and dry them with the highest dryer setting.

Sprinkle food grade diatomaceous earth into and onto any cracks, holes, openings, or anywhere else that is dry that you feel may be the entry point for the bed bugs invading your home.

Diatomaceous earth is an ingredient in most of the bombs aimed at bed bugs; the shards of the shell (or

powder) are microscopically sharp and puncture the thin, waxy, exoskeletons of these night-feeding demons, causing them to dehydrate and die.

Baking soda mixed with sugar makes great ant and roach bait. Place a tablespoon or so of each in an empty spice bottle with a shaker top. You want to be able to lay the bottle down on its side without having the contents spill out.


Place the bottle where you have seen ants or where you think ants are getting into your home, so the ants can go in but the bottle keeps your pets out.

If you can, follow the ants back to their nest. Here you can also use the Ant Death Bait in dry form or the Sweet Roach Bait. Sprinkle a thin layer of either bait evenly around the nest opening. (Don’t make piles that dogs can lick up, as they love sugar.)

For easy application, mix the bait with powdered sugar and use a sifter to apply. (You should reserve an old sifter for this purpose; don’t use the same one you use for baking.)

The ants will carry the mixture into the nest to feed to the colony, killing those that eat it. Repeat the sprinkling as long as you see ants.

Say no to diseases, say no to contamination – these life hacks will give a cleaner household and wonderful interiors.

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