The present world of agility deems health consciousness extremely important at least for survival, if not for excellence. What if, an upper body makeover gets us going in the right direction eventually helping us develop strong , broad shoulders and toned .

We will learn the routines stepwise just to ensure that execution of all such activities becomes easier. The first routine that I am going to discuss deals with a set of four exercises, all vigorous ones and gradually increasing the number of repetitions can work wonders for our body.

Selecting a smooth floor free from rough edges or stones indoors, we can perform pushups – a set of 15-20 will be ideal for beginners and performing 3-4 such sets can be extremely useful. The biggest plus in doing a pushup is that the biceps get strengthened preparing us for compound exercises to come later.

It also helps us develop stronger while pushing the bulging tummy inside. We follow it with a set of planks or dips which may last for a maximum period of 1 minute.

It is much more effective as compared to a set up as efficiency levels are increased and possibilities of cramping our hamstrings significantly reduce. If you want a six pack, you need to have low body fat. The aspect of is simple, although it can be hard to pull off-( eat fewer calories than you burn.



The triceps constitute two-thirds of the and hence we need to focus more on them as compared to our biceps. Another great way to shock your muscles is by doing supersets. This just means doing two exercises for the same muscle part one right after the other.

This just means doing two exercises for the same muscle part one right after the other (

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Lift weights that you can have control on your contraction. It is a waste of time to go heavy and just swing your entire body to do a rep.

We increase the weights as we get stronger, this will come with time. Rushing the process can also cause injuries.

Aside press or sweep can be very useful in aligning our body posture and escalates our arms strength greatly.We should always do our weaker muscle part first so we can use most of our energy where we need it more.

Finally, there are a couple of points we need to be aware of – Get your nutrition in straight after you train.

Don’t overdo the workouts and ensure adequate rest. Also, ensure you are doing squats and deadlifts. You need the hormonal effect of these lifts.

Working out at is more than sufficient but nutrition plays a vital role here. We should avoid consuming oily food, fried products, and even caffeinated drinks while sticking to our routine.


The changes may occur slowly and may even induce boredom but being conscious of our long term goals, if we remain determined and active, we can avoid gyms, stay free from cables and dumbbells and get a healthy makeover at .

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