Ramnavami Mela in Ayodhya Calls For Tight Security – A Timely Realization

Not in the English dictionary but at least in India, and are synonyms. The reason being is the birth place of Lord Shri Ram and during this auspicious occasion, devotees flock to this place in large numbers. The Municipal corporation officials along with the chief authority Vindhyavasini Ray and the Police superintendent Uday Shankar Singh have estimated the possible turnout, enhancing the security measures to avoid chaos on the festival eve.

In , The entire area has been divided into 6 zones, 25 sectors, and 62 micro sectors. The town has also been divided into 5 zones and 18 sectors based on the temple count and the traffic in each area. Each sector has been allocated to a zonal magistrate for proper supervision. Apart from the loudspeakers, lighting facilities and barricades, watch towers have been placed at regular intervals to tighten security measures. Cleanliness has been adequately taken care of with special emphasis on food and water for the huge number of visitors. Each area will be guarded by a definite number of policemen who have the ability and experience to handle crowds.

On the banks of river Sarayu nearby  where the ladies take a dip in the holy waters, special rooms have been designed for them to change clothes. There are also close to 200 public toilets. In places with a greater female count, female authorities have been designated to take care. The crowd will start filling the area from 28th March, which is the birthday of according to Hindu calendar and the festive season is likely to continue till 5th April. Deputy Commissioner Mr SP Mishra and Mr Rakeshchandra Sahu, with their valuable inputs, were able to cover all grounds of public concern and intimated the same to the temple authorities.

Security Fear for large gathering

Ayodhya in past has succumbed to terrorist attacks and threat. The fear of terrorist activities has been sufficiently taken care of with army jawans being stationed in every zone despite there being sufficient police protection and higher officials in all the zones. Lifesaving boats and crusaders are there at every river bank and there are even rescue operations ready to function in case of like floods. CCTV cameras are being installed in every temple and metal detectors will prevent entry of anything suspicious within the temple zone. In addition to all this, a buffer of reserves is being prepared to ensure the public experience is not compromised at any cost.

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