3.86 Crore Scam Will Delhi’s AAP Kejriwal Government Respond ?

When we appreciate a man with his achievements and credentials keep circulating but when that same person launches an acerbic campaign to defame a by individually condemning each and every minister associated with it. Then, his own accolades become questionable. did a certain oath breach by announcing that public funds would help him defame India’s finance minister, Arun Jaitley, by availing the esteemed Ram Jethmalani’s services, eventually ambushing himself in reality. The tweet by BJP read, “First a scathing attack on the opposition and then use of public funds for defending himself, what more to expect from the ”. This was followed by bizarre reactions and comments on social media.

The 3.86 crore , digging deep into the government treasury was a brutal violation of his vow to safeguard the public interest. All the more pathetic is the fact that it was used for his personal lawyer, clearly demonstrating how he puts himself in front of public interests and could stoop as low as this to protect his political image.

The use of a video wherein Kejriwal proudly declares how honest and unsullied he is, was also posted to display how ignorantly all his promises were broken. There are several in this party who are stuck in different issues, not being able to acquit themselves and then there is this leech. This sucks blood with alacrity donning the white cap, occasionally with the woollen muffler.

Arun Jaitley had asked all his detractors to take back their allegations once this was openly proved. On their denial to do so, being backed by the , he lodged a complaint on Kejriwal and 6 other party members may require them to pay a fine of 10 crores on grounds of harassment and public defamation.

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