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Till about 5 years ago, being on was a privilege and the prospect was so exciting that it led many astray. I myself remember pleading with my mother to allow me to make an account. After much pleading and pestering, I finally did get to make an account. And what golden times they were! I would eagerly wait for my posts to get the little blue thumbs-up or to get tagged on a group picture that a friend promised to upload.

Now with an increase in these networking sites like Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and lots more, poor old is working extra hard to be in the lime light. When Snapchat came up, the trend of posting pictures that would only stay for 24hours raged like fire. So we saw WhatsApp, Instagram and also moving up the grid with the same concept. What’s more? We even got filters in all these apps. But what are the most recent , decided to undertake? Let’s take a look.

Facebook 1 BeyondNews.org
1 BeyondNews.org

1) Go Live

Too excited to wait to let people know what you are up to? Want them to experience your excitement which photos won’t express? Worry not! has brought us a new live feature to help you here. You can now enjoy yourself without worrying about the lengthy descriptions you might have to give to express yourself because those you want to show it to, would be there themselves! Through Live, your friends can be a part of your fun and excitement. And not only that, they can also keep commenting and have a live conversation! I mean how cool is that? There also would be no need to worry about haters. Because only those interested in your sweet life events would join the live video and others have an option to keep themselves away from it.

2) Videos just keep getting better-

Facebook has joined forces with German video editing company called Fayteq. Do you wish to post a video but there is a minor scene which you could do without? Or are there a few random videos you would like to club together? Seems like Facebook understood your troubles pretty well. Faytec allows you to delete parts from already made videos and add scene if you wish to. And you don’t have to be a professional to use it either!

3) Let’s trade for fun-

Today, with the introduction of so many online stores, life has become pretty easy. But it can get a bit annoying to keep making new accounts for every new site you visit. So why not just use your Facebook account as a shop to not only buy but also sell. Facebook has launched Marketplace to solve you crisis. You can sell unnecessary, unused items and buy new stuff immediately. A perfect blend of fun and shopping at your fingertips!

4) We recommend only the best-

Are you in a new city wondering where to find a good eatery? Or are you looking for an inexpensive shopping place? Now Facebook would do that for you too! Just let it know where you are, and Facebook would recommend the best only for you. And you don’t have to fear being duped either! So it is not only a social networking site that brings the world closer, it actually informs you about your nearest availability.

5) Help popularizing your business-

Here is an interesting marketing prospect. I am pretty sure more people are hooked to the social media than looking out the window when driving past a hoarding. So there is a greater chance of people seeing your advertisement on Facebook rather than anywhere else. So Facebook has come up with the ‘Create Similar Ad’ option. You can check out given advertisements and get similar ones or at least get innovative ideas for you own advertisement.

Whoever said that Facebook is just a social networking site? It has more aspects than meets the eye, if only we make an effort to get to its depth. And these new are a proof that the company is working on making lives easier for us and making itself better than ever.

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