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The travel industry has experienced revolutionary progress in the last couple of years, permitting men and women from different walks of life, to travel and taste life at its best, whatever might be their income. Travelling itself has become a hobby for many young people.This article is basically directed at helping you so that you may be able to deftly dodge most obstacles that come in your path while you’re on one of your expeditions.

We have brought it down to five major hacks that every traveller must be aware of:

1. Keep your smartphone with you all the time

Travelling 5 Beyondnews.org
Travelling 5 Beyondnews.org

Just a few years back, a smartphone was considered to be a symbol of extraordinary wealth and prosperity. While today, it is found in everyone’s hands. A smartphone can prove to be the best companion you can ask for when you are in a strange country, surrounded by stranger people.

Most people only use it to make calls and maintain their Instagram aesthetics. Preparing your smartphone to be highly useful in case of disaster before leaving for an expedition, is something that every traveller must do. Stock your phone with all necessary applications before embarking on your voyage.

First and foremost, click pictures of your documents and make sure to save them in such a way that you might be able to access them at any point of time, even when you’re offline. Download map apps with GPS that let you access the map of the place you’re presently located at when you’re offline.

Your smartphone will also help you in cancelling out boredom by providing you entertainment in the form of music, books, movies and a lot of things when you’re stuck in traffic or simply traversing a long distance. Make sure to keep your gadget updated with the following information:-

• Contact number of your country’s embassy
• Details of your travel agency
• Contact details of the hotel you’re putting up at
• Numbers of your operator from the transport company
• Information regarding hotel and transport booking

2. Go light on your luggage while travelling

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Travelling 4 Beyondnews.org

Make sure to not convert your luggage into your burden. Here are some ideas as to how you can become a pro at packing:

Try and bring only carry-on bags with you

The truth is almost 50% of the contents in your luggage is useless and does not serve any purpose. Shortlist all the necessary items and leave all the not-so-important stuff back. If your luggage is essentially heavy, it will hinder you from having fun, especially if you’re on vacation.

The best part though is that you won’t have to wait for hours after you land standing beside the conveyor belt hoping your luggage comes next. Time and money both saved. What more can one ask for? No luggage equals no extra weight charges.

Attach a bright ribbon to your luggage

In case you must carry luggage, make sure you attach a bright ribbon to it thereby making it easier for you to spot it once it decides to make its appearance on the conveyor belt.

Take a photo of your luggage before you hand it in

This is mandatory in case you are carrying important stuff which you can’t afford to lose.

3. Adopt a student’s appetite

Travelling 3 Beyondnews.org
Travelling 3 Beyondnews.org

A student has a challenging but economic lifestyle and never succumbs to the attractiveness of the world. This attitude is what you must display in case you want to travel more and spend less and yet manage not to starve. Here are some tips that might come in handy:-

Always carry bottled water

You are bound to become thirsty if you indulge in extensive travelling. Hence always carry water. You don’t want to end up paying extra for a bottle of water, so always stay armed with one. Keep yourself hydrated whilst travelling.

Take the help of locals

No one knows the place better than the localities. If you ask trip advisers for well affordable food joints, they might direct you down the wrong path; but the localities will be able to answer your queries accurately. They will definitely lead you to cheap places where despite the low prices, the dishes will be incredibly impressive. This will also lead to you having a taste of the authentic cuisine characteristic of that place.

4. Become acquainted with the language and culture


Travelling Beyondnews.org
Travelling Beyondnews.org

Whatever country you might find yourself travelling to, make sure you know basic greetings in the language of that country. In today’s world, every other person knows English so basic communication won’t be a problem; but just to show that you respect the language and culture of the country you’re staying in, you can drop words in the regional language when conversing with locals.

You will notice how happy this small act of appreciation will make them just by the smile on their faces. In order to be able to do this, you must check out youtube videos that give you a basic knowledge of people in that country, their dialect, culture, history, likes and dislikes. Keep in mind that you must not, in any scenario, judge the customs of the people of the country you’ve travelled to. The locals value their customs and may feel hurt by your views. Remember to smile. A smiling face is welcome everywhere.

5. Don’t let your plans hinder your spontaneity

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You must always have a to-do list ready before you reach a new place. This way you know what all you’ve got to cover and how much time you have on hand to execute the same. Mark the major attractions and make some time out for each.

However, don’t let your plans hinder you from following your heart. Remember, unexpected is beautiful and isn’t everything about life unexpected?

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