5 Android Apps That Help You Save Mobile Data

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In today’s age we do not feed on food but we feed ourselves on internet data. We are becoming habitual users of Snapchat and Instagram. For us WhatsApp is like the daily Dal- Chawal we eat at the dinner table with our family, looking at it reminds us of previous day’s dinner which was the same (“Good Morning” messages). To digest it we need the dessert of Snapchat to sweeten the blow of the daily barrage on WhatsApp of the same old messages circulating in the same old groups.

And then we go out once in a while or in some cases hang out daily with our friends and use the exotic Instagram for only the special occasions. In all this, we ignore the feeling that at the end of each month our data either gets finished (in case of prepaid) or comes the fat bill (post-paid people). We the data feeders, need some diet plans to save some calories (MBs) and reduce that fat from our pockets. Here are 5 diet pills to reduce this unnecessary fat.

Facebook Lite

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data 2 BeyondNews.org

In our daily diets, we need the morning cup of tea or coffee to which we don’t give too much attention, but actually accumulates a lot of sugar in our body if we are not careful.  Facebook has now become our companion with Tea and Coffee, it too needs a little trimming. Facebook app uses the most data, as it is constantly updating your timeline and in process streaming many videos and downloading images which use up a lot of your mobile data. To reduce it you can use the Facebook Lite app, which though is a third-party app but still works very much like Facebook and is quite helpful in reducing your mobile data usage.

Opera Max

Opera Max is an app developed by the creators of Opera browser. It compresses the data usage of every app that uses HTTP connection. In the process, it reduces the overall data usage. It also has the feature that compresses the data usage of YouTube videos as well. Along with this, it has an application management system which informs the user of data usage of applications that are running in the background. It further provides the option to stop them as well. The app though does not function on unsecured connections and on downloads. Opera Max is best for your munchies during the day and at the same time in slimming your bill.

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Onavo Extend

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data 4 BeyondNews.org

Onavo Extend is very much like Opera Max and serves the same purpose but with better user interface. The app also compresses the data usage of your HTTP connections. It comes with pretty much all the functions of Opera Max but boasts of a better user interface. This allows the user to easily work on the app and understand the data usage by different applications in a simpler way. The only drawback of the app is that it does not work on WIFI networks yet. It only functions on 2G and 3G connections. To put it simply, it is a better-looking diet plan.




NetGuard is a firewall app which gives you control over which applications can use data in the background. This app is also very user-friendly, with its easy-to-use interface. It gives you the option of choosing a setting for each app individually. This gives you the option to customize it according to your liking and use of the particular app. It also safeguards you against apps which use internet in the background.

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My Data Manager

Our last plan to reduce your net data intake is a holistic one. My Net Manager gives you options to choose a setting for each application separately. It then goes further to show you real-time update on your net usage and pattern. It also studies that pattern and sends you alerts if you neared exceeding your set limit. To keep you on track, it also has an alert feature, which is an option to set limits before your plan expires to remind you of data usage. It also traces your roaming net usage separately so that you do not spend too much money on that.

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So when next time your fat bill comes home, please make sure that you start dieting or in other words download any one of these apps on your phone so that your bills remain slim and wallets become fatter.


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