10 Safety Car Tips during Pregnancy

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In today’s modern era there is no doubt that pregnant women can do any work. But pregnancy safety measures should be taken into consideration to avoid any kind of problem to the pregnant woman as well as the child.

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Below mentioned are some car safety tips for a pregnant woman:

Wear Seat belts

Wearing seat belt reduces the intensity of any kind of jerk that car traveling passengers face. Therefore, while traveling in the car it is recommended to wear a seat belt.

Avoid driving in last week

Generally pregnant women can drive cars in initial stages of pregnancy. But it’s recommended to avoid driving during last few weeks of pregnancy. Not only driving but also sitting in the car is also a big challenge during last week.

Confirm that car has airbags

A pregnant woman is generally more vulnerable to car accidents. Therefore, a pregnant woman should ensure that car has airbags in it to protect herself from the high intensity of accidents.

Adjusting car seats according to comfort

Adjusting car seats as per the comfort and avoid traveling discomforts. There should be at least 10-12 inches gap between seat and the wheel. If she’s sitting on a passenger seat, there should be a reasonable gap between dashboard and seat.

Carry sufficient food and water

In case a pregnant woman is going for a long trip then she should carry a bag full of healthy snacks and mineral water. Also, there should be frequent stops for washroom breaks.

Avoid traveling for a long time continuously

Pregnant woman should avoid traveling for a longer time. During the last week of pregnancy, she should either completely avoid traveling or should not travel more than 4 hours a day.

Carry Pillows

Pillow serves as a soft comforting cushion. It is suggested for a pregnant woman to carry pillows while traveling for sleeping and resting.

Carry emergency medicine box

While traveling with a pregnant woman an emergency medicine box is a must. There should be appropriate doctor’s recommended medicines to face any situation.

Stick Pregnancy Stickers on car

While an amateur is learning to drive, learning stickers are used as a safety measure. Similarly, in the case of pregnancy stickers should be used as a safety measure.

Drive car only when necessary

A pregnant woman should avoid traveling. As pregnancy causes weakness she should take proper rest. She should only travel or drive a car only of it is necessary. Otherwise, it should be avoided altogether.

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